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New Report Highlights Increased Use of School Spending on Police: 20,000 CA Students Arrested in 2009-2010

This new report by the Black Organizing Project / Labor Community Strategy Center is a must-read, as it presents data on the role of police officers in schools and shows how … Continue reading

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Uniting Our Struggles

In San Francisco, many classified staff are in the same union as teachers. This article makes the argument that the union, which is numerically dominated by teachers, should stand strong … Continue reading

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What can we learn from UESF’s contract campaign?

There are a lot of good lessons for Oakland in this article about San Francisco teachers’ contract campaign. Unlike recent years in California in which cuts were the norm, increased … Continue reading

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St. Paul Federation of Teachers Settles Landmark Contract!

Through joint parent, student, and teacher organizing, the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers just settled a landmark contract, limiting class sizes and standardized testing, and emphasizing culturally relevant education and … Continue reading

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Portland students stand in solidarity with teachers’ strike

Check out this video of students speaking out in solidarity with the teachers’ union in Portland. What would it take to build this type of solidarity between teachers and students … Continue reading

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Portland teachers prove the power of solidarity

Sarah Levy reports on a tentative agreement for Portland teachers that wins on most of the union’s main demands–thanks to teachers’ thorough preparations for a strike. February 25, 2014 – Reposted … Continue reading

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