At night, use _____ on your rearview mirror.

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Q. At night, use _____ on your rearview mirror.

  1. The hands-free setting
  2. Cleaning solution
  3. Windshield wiper fluid
  4. Night view

ANSWER: 4. Night view


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At nighttime, traveling is a challenge. Most people do not follow the traffic rules, so one’s safety is in their own hands. So, while driving the rear-view mirror plays an important role. But, due to the high-beam headlights of other vehicles, using it becomes a grueling challenge. Due to this, the rear-view mirror generally uses the night view.

How does it work?

It works by tilting the rear-view mirror out of the line which is under the driver’s view.


The night view reduces the amount of light which is reflected in the eyes of the driver through the rear-view mirror. This also helps in focusing on the road much easier for the driver as there are much fewer distractions available.

Why we need night view?

In the daytime, the image seen by the person driving comes directly from the reflective surface, in contrast to which, at the nighttime, the image reflected comes from the glass. In this, only a fraction of light is reflected by the surface.

Other Options:

The hands-free setting has no direct relationship with the mirror. It is rather widely used in mobiles.

The cleaning solution and windshield wiper fluid are cleansing solutions that might be useful for the mirror but have no direct use in the only nighttime.


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At night, use _____ on your rearview mirror.

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