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Budget Cuts To Kids Are Not Necessary!

We’ve been hearing a lot of news from OUSD about how cuts to schools and kids are necessary.  So we’ll need to keep saying the truth… they are not necessary! … Continue reading

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Show Us the Money – Nov. 14th Forum on OUSD’s Budget Crisis and How It’s Not Real

Classroom Struggle presents Show Us the Money! From OUSD’s Manufactured Budget Crisis to the Schools Oakland Families Deserve Tuesday November 14 5 – 7 pm Eastside Arts Alliance 2277 International … Continue reading

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October 2017 Newsletter

Here is our most recent newsletter.  We take on a few different questions that OUSD is putting before us.  We are staying focused on the question of budget cuts and … Continue reading

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Does Oakland Have Too Many Schools?

We are hearing this question more and more as OUSD gears up for budget cuts and likely consolidations of schools (combining multiple schools on the same campus into one school … Continue reading

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Sept. 2017 Newsletter

We are posting what was our first newsletter of the 2017-18 school year covering the OUSD budget cuts.  We have more to come on this issue including our Forum on … Continue reading

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Newsletter #12 – Community and School Struggles Unite!

Welcome to our March 2017 edition of our Newsletter.  In this issue we cover two pressing and current topics: the fight to establish Sanctuary Schools and the struggle against budget … Continue reading

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Newsletter #11 – Build Bridges, Not Walls Issue

We’ve just published our most recent newsletter, the Build Bridges, Not Walls Issue (Newsletter #11 published in Feb 2017).  In this one, we address the need for sanctuary schools and some … Continue reading

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