Before entering an intersection, the safest searching process is to search ________.

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Q. Before entering an intersection, the safest searching process is to search ________.

  1. Right, then left
  2. Center, right, center, then right again
  3. Left, center, right, then left again
  4. Only to left

ANSWER: 3. Left, center, right, then left again


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Now, in a typical case like this where two vehicles meet on an intersection which has not been guided by any kinds of signs and signals and both the drivers re traveling from different road sides almost on the same speed then to prevent clashing, they should do the following: The driver on the left side should watch to his right and then left.

While if you have a yield sign facing you on the Intersection then you must slow down and if needed even stop to let the other vehicles or pedestrians cross first before you drive ahead.

If you are taking a left on the intersection then you should yield to the right and let the vehicles coming from the opposite direction first pass from the right side.

So, in such cases, it is strongly advisable to not to drive at a very high speed. Because if you are traveling at a high speed you are very likely to lose control and not have many options to slow down or opt for the other side which you might have otherwise.

However, in another case is there is an emergency vehicle like an Ambulance, Fire brigade or Police car on the road too and they are ringing the siren or flashing the red or Blue light then you should pull over to the right side to clear the road and let the emergency vehicle pass by first.

In other cases wherein a vehicle enters from any private driveway or road should under any circumstances yield and give way to vehicles on the public road or highway first before making their way on the same.

So, to avoid any clash the driver must always yield to right of the way and should not depend on the other drivers to take the call as they may be unaware of the traffic rules.


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Before entering an intersection, the safest searching process is to search ________.

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