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Show Us the Money – Nov. 14th Forum on OUSD’s Budget Crisis and How It’s Not Real

Classroom Struggle presents Show Us the Money! From OUSD’s Manufactured Budget Crisis to the Schools Oakland Families Deserve Tuesday November 14 5 – 7 pm Eastside Arts Alliance 2277 International … Continue reading

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Time for Public Education Defenders to Go on Offense — by Craig Gordon

I went to a demonstration a few days ago that ended with the popular chant, “I believe that we will win!”  The words pleasantly reverberated in my brain an hour later, as I turned on the TV … Continue reading

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#HandsOffDewey – A Successful BBQ and Next Steps

BBQ for Dewey The coalition to defend Dewey just finished up a very successful BBQ at Dewey Academy that brought out over 75 students, staff, parents, and community supporters of Dewey. … Continue reading

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Update on Dewey

Posted below is our most recent update on Dewey.  We published it a couple weeks ago on the Oakland Local blog.  It’s not fully up to date at this point … Continue reading

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Dewey Academy in Danger of Displacement: Gentrification and the Oakland Unified School District

Dewey Academy in Danger of Displacement: Gentrification and the Oakland Unified School District By Aram Mendoza and N. Finch in collaboration with Dewey teachers   Displacement of long-time, low-income residents … Continue reading

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All Out for Trayvon–Monday 6P @ 14th/Broadway

We all have already heard the verdict. Now is the time to respond. We must respond in at least 2 ways. First, it is crucial that we come out now, … Continue reading

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RALLY THURS 3:30PM – Castlemont High Staff, Teachers, Students Outraged by Neglect and Threats of Closure

This press release was sent to us by staff at Castlemont who are organizing a rally with students to demand the district provide them with equitable resources and a guarantee their school … Continue reading

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