Strategy and Analysis to Defend and Transform Public Education

Lakeview Teaches

Sometimes deep and poignant struggle is hard to capture in words.  But when someone is able to it helps keep the transformative moment alive in our hearts and pushes us … Continue reading

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When Was the Last Time You Read a Book?

     We published this article, written by two Oakland teachers, in our most recent newsletter.  They were trying to capture a very real and very ironic problem for teachers: … Continue reading

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Why I did TFA, and why you shouldn’t

Essay by Gary Rubinstein.  The original post can be found on the Teach For Us blog for Teach for America teachers and alumni. ************** There was a time, not very long … Continue reading

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Charters Divide and Conquer

Written by an anonymous Oakland substitute teacher Oakland, California has always been a hotbed for radicalism.  On the morning of October 25th 2011, the Oakland Police along with numerous other … Continue reading

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ROB ROOKE: School Board Says It’s Closing Time At Maxwell Park

Rob Rooke is former Recording Secretary of Carpenters Local 713 and current President of Maxwell Park PTA. Rob blogs about parenting at She pointed out of the car window every … Continue reading

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