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Newsletter #9 – Contract Campaign Launch Issue

We’re sharing our Contract Campaign Launch Issue, Newsletter #9, from November 2016.  We’re late in posting it but we wanted to make sure everyone could access it as much as … Continue reading

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What’s behind the Obama administration’s recent ‘180 on standardized tests? 

       Recently President Obama, in a surprising shift, committed to ending the growing trend of excessive standardized tests being forced on the nation’s public school students. He penned … Continue reading

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Classroom Struggle Newsletter #6

Classroom Struggle is excited to bring the readers of this blog the sixth iteration of our newsletter. In 2012, we started publishing under the title Education for the 99% as … Continue reading

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11 Reasons why the Seattle Teachers Strike was important in the struggle for quality public education.

  Seattle teachers received never before seen levels of parent support during the strike. One group of parents organized as ‘Soup for teachers’, by the end of strike this group … Continue reading

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Seattle Teachers Strike for the Public Schools Seattle Students Deserve

Back to school time for most communities across the U.S. puts students and teachers back in the classroom charting a course for the next ten or so months. Yet one … Continue reading

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Why I am Voting No on the Tentative Agreement

by Natalia Cooper, Special Education teacher at Oakland Technical High School I am so proud to be an Oakland educator in this moment of great importance for our union and … Continue reading

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What I sent to my co-workers at Fremont on the TA

by Nick Parker Regarding the important vote on the tentative agreement this Wednesday June 3: I recommend people take a look at this summary. I also explain my thoughts on … Continue reading

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