Curriculum & Teaching Resources For Teachers

By Dylan Riley
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Are you a teacher looking to create various lesson plans? Although the ideas are plenty, no one has got too much time to sit through different courses and devices a way to make it interesting. Luckily for you, we have curated a list of our top 10 sources for free teacher resources that you can use to gain some inspiration! These have been created by budding professional educators in different industries and caters to several subjects under the same roof.

Teaching Resources for Teachers

Have a look at the below-mentioned guide to start your journey –

1. Amazon Inspire

For teachers dealing with students from Kindergarten to class 12, Amazon Inspire serves as a boon to easily create, discover and share quality content with different teachers. It has various subjects for all your student needs and the sharing options make it quite useful for fellow content creators in the same community.


2. Common Sense Media

For educators bereft of technology, Common Sense Media – a non-profit aims to develop various resources to inculcate the power of technology through learning and life, effectively. All the lessons are provided for free, from K-12.


3. Discovery Ed

Why limit learning within the four walls of a classroom? Discovery Education comes to the rescue by offering a wide range of classroom resources that are all clubbed in an online community for teachers worldwide. You can interact with other teachers and share your ideas and resources quickly and smoothly.


4. Everfi

Everfi curates free digital courses for your use that are aimed at higher education learning in the fields of STEM, financial literacy, health and wellness, social-emotional learning and other interesting subjects. Real-world learning is always ensured through an online, streamlined platform.


5. Library of Congress

Gone are those days when you would go to an actual library to find books. Search for any material in one place for your classroom and professional development through the Library of Congress, through its vast ‘library’ of resources, only made for teachers.



A platform made with different filters to help you search for material based on grade level, keyword, type, and even subject! Use NASA to find teaching material for K-12 and STEM curriculum.


7. National Gallery of Art


The National Gallery of Art is specially designed to cater to the USA audience by collecting, displaying and understanding works of art that meet with exceptional scholarly standards at all museums, collections, and exhibitions.


8. National Women’s History Museum

This museum caters to women in history who have changed the map of the nation through their contributions and works. Women in history have built a quality of life and utmost respect for them and are presented at this museum, barring no obstacles.


9. Share My Lesson

In an association with AFT, Share my lesson has more than 4,00,000 resources that can be segregated through grade.


10. Teachers Pay Teachers

Looking to earn a little on the side? Teachers Pay Teachers is one popular platform not only for sharing and discovering lesson plans with other colleagues in the world but also making it easy to earn some money while at it!