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Why I will NOT be going to the Teacher Appreciation party co-sponsored by the Oakland Public Ed Fund.

Classroom Struggle is honored to post a letter written by a Special Ed. teacher urging her fellow teachers to skip the annual “Teacher Appreciation” party sponsored by charterizing and privatizing … Continue reading

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Time for Public Education Defenders to Go on Offense — by Craig Gordon

I went to a demonstration a few days ago that ended with the popular chant, “I believe that we will win!”  The words pleasantly reverberated in my brain an hour later, as I turned on the TV … Continue reading

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This is Community Engagement??

To our Supporters: Classroom Struggle has been very busy since the new year challenging and fighting the billionaire privatization agenda of Superintendent Antwan Wilson and the servile school board. We … Continue reading

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What’s behind the Obama administration’s recent ‘180 on standardized tests? 

       Recently President Obama, in a surprising shift, committed to ending the growing trend of excessive standardized tests being forced on the nation’s public school students. He penned … Continue reading

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No to the Democrats, the Spearhead of Attacks on Public Education and Teachers Unions

Both national affiliates of the teachers unions (NEA and AFT) have endorsed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary election.  As a result, there has been a nationwide denunciation by both … Continue reading

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Classroom Struggle Newsletter #6

Classroom Struggle is excited to bring the readers of this blog the sixth iteration of our newsletter. In 2012, we started publishing under the title Education for the 99% as … Continue reading

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11 Reasons why the Seattle Teachers Strike was important in the struggle for quality public education.

  Seattle teachers received never before seen levels of parent support during the strike. One group of parents organized as ‘Soup for teachers’, by the end of strike this group … Continue reading

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