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Welcome to our NewsELA Answers key! In this post, we will be providing quiz keys for a variety of units covered on the NewsELA platform. Whether you are a student, teacher, or parent, this post will give you the answers you need to understand and analyze the news articles provided on NewsELA. 

NewsELA Answers Keys

We will cover units such as Reform Movements, Grocery Packaging, Amazon & Deforestation, Biden-Harris, Persuasion, Juneteenth, Groundhog, St. Patrick, Arab Spring, Declaration of Independence, Young Scientists, and Easter. 

In addition to the quiz answers, we will also provide an overview of the NewsELA platform and compare it to its competitors, including information on where to find their answers as well. This post is your one-stop shop for mastering NewsELA and understanding current events.

NewsELA Answers Keys – Units Covered

NewsELA Reform Movements Quiz Answers

Question: Why was the Underground Railroad important?

Answer:  Because it helped slaves escape to freedom

Question: Why did free black people form vigilance groups?

Answer:  To protect themselves from kidnappers

Question: What is the BEST definition of slaveholders?

Answer:  People who owned slaves in the South

Question: Why did Congress honor Susan B. Anthony by putting her on a coin?

Answer:  Because she fought for women’s suffrage

Question: What is the MOST important reason why women sought equality?

Answer:  Changes in society enlightened women to seek more equality

Question: What effect did the Second Great Awakening have on women’s rights?

Answer:  It granted women new and prominent social roles

Question: What is the main negative effect of this changing time period?

Answer:  Only certain women gained certain rights

Question: Why is the Second Great Awakening important?

Answer:  It helped start the women’s rights movement

Question: According to the article, why was slavery important to women’s rights?

Answer:  It helped women demand rights for all people

Question: According to the article, how did slaves escape from the South to the North?

Answer:  By traveling along a secret trail of houses where they would be safe

Question: How did abolitionists help slaves?

Answer:  Abolitionists were people who fought to end slavery

NewsELA Grocery Packaging Answers

Question:  Which sentence is an example of the word “shift”?

Answer: I started using a different type of pen at school

Question:  Which word goes with “not the same”? example of the word?

Answer: Shift

Question:  Which word goes with “helping”? example of the word

Answer: Benefit

Question:  Which sentence is an example of the word ” example of the word “benefit”?

Answer: Eating vegetables makes you grow strong and healthy

Question:  Which word goes with “more possibilities”? example of the word ”

Answer: Alternatives

Question:  Which sentence is an example of the word “goes with “more possibilities”? example of the word “alternatives”?

Answer: Instead of lettuce, you could put spinach in your salad

Question:  Which sentence is an example of the word “goes with “more possibilities”? example of the word “primarily”?

Answer: I drink orange juice more than any other type of juice

Question:  Which word goes with “just about all”?goes with “more possibilities”? example of the word

Answer: Primarily

Question:  Which word goes with “just one”? “just about all”?goes with “more possibilities”? example of the word ”

Answer: Individual

Question:  Which sentence is an example of the word ” “just about all”?goes with “more possibilities”? An example of the word “individual”?

Answer: Jasmine did her science project by herself for about three weeks.

NewsELA Amazon & Deforestation Answers

Question: The Newsela article you read was about the Amazon rainforest. Most of the Amazon rainforest lies in what country?

Answer:  Brazil (olá)

Question: The Amazon’s forests help our plant and animal life by taking in what gas?

Answer: Carbon dioxide (Co2)

Question: What is deforestation?

Answer: Cutting down a large area of trees

Question: Greenhouse gasses (like carbon dioxide) trap heat in the atmosphere, which ultimately leads to which of the options below?

Answer:  Global warming

Question: In the article, the Amazon rainforest is called a _________.

Answer: Carbon sponge

Question: Since 2000, the Amazon rainforest has been hit by three major ___________. This has increased fires in the area, destroying the ecosystem and causing more deforestation.

Answer: Droughts

Question: Challenge Question #1 – Thousands of different tree species grow in the rainforest. Humans rely on these trees. Which of the following options were products mentioned in the article produced by trees?

Answer: Cashews, pineapples & cacao

Question: Challenge Question #2 – Brazil has already reduced its deforestation rate by nearly what percent since its peak in 2004.

Answer: 80

Biden-Harris NewsELA Questions & Answers

Question: What makes the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris historic?

Answer: Kamala Harris will be the first woman vice president & the first person who was black and Asian elected as VP

Question: What happened on November 7, 2020?

Answer: Biden and Harris were declared the winners of the presidential election

Question: Kamala Harris was a senator from which state

Answer: California

Question: The article says that Kamala being elected “shattered barriers” What do you think that means?

Answer: Her election paved the way for other women and ethnicities to lead

Question: Where were Kamala’s parents from?

Answer: Jamaica and India

Question: Kamala describes her rise to the Vice Presidency as part of a legacy of black women in Government which includes Shirley Chisholm, who was Shirley Chisholm?

Answer: The first black woman to seek the nomination of the presidency in 1972

Question: What are some ways that the GOP attempted to intimidate Kamala Harris?

Answer: They made fun of her name and lied about her political record

Question: Who did Kamala credit as her biggest influence growing up?

NewsELA Persuasion Answers

Answer: Her mother

Question: Which word goes with “persuade”?

Answer: Convince

Question: Which sentence is an example of the word “convince”?

Answer: After Ava talked to her parents, they believed she was ready to take care of a puppy.

Question: Which word goes with “subject of a research paper”?

Answer: Thesis

Question: Which sentence is an example of the word “thesis”?

Answer: My history report is about the effects of the American Civil War

Question: Which word goes with “trustworthy”?

Answer: Credibility

Question: Which sentence is an example of the word “credibility”?

Answer: We know Mr. Johnson has always told us the truth.

Question: Which word goes with “in jail for breaking the law”?

Answer: Penalty

Question: Which sentence is an example of the word “penalty“?

Answer: Ben’s parents took away his video games because he didn’t do his homework

Question: Arguments that use logos present facts about a particular topic. How is the use of ethos in an argument different?

Answer: Ethos provides the credibility to say that those facts should be trusted

Question: Read the section “What Is Pathos?” Which sentence from the section shows the author’s point of view about using pathos in an argument?

Answer: Emotional arguments are effective, but they can be tricky

NewsELA Juneteenth Quiz Answers

Question: Read the following selection from the section “Freedom Came Two Years After Emancipation Proclamation.” Some plantation masters waited to deliver the news. Some waited until they were forced to act. Based on this sentence, choose the statement that is TRUE.

Answer: Some slave owners did not want to tell their slaves that they were free

Question: Which sentence from the article helps the reader understand that Texas was once a state that made its own rules?

Answer: The state-operated independently for 10 years

Question: How does the information in the section “Juneteenth Now An Official Texas Holiday” support the main idea of the article?

Answer: By explaining why Juneteenth is an important day

Question: Why is Juneteenth important?

Answer: It represents the end of slavery

Question: What is significant about Galveston, Texas?

Answer: The last group of slaves found out they were free

Question: What date do we celebrate Juneteenth?

Answer: June 19th

Question: Which United States President signed the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

Question: What did the Emancipation Proclamation ACTUALLY do?

Answer: Freed all enslaved people only in states of rebellion

Question: How long was it after the Emancipation Proclamation that ALL slaves knew they were free?

Answer: Two and half years

Question: What is the name of the National Black Anthem?

Answer: Lift Every Voice

Question: Are you important and valued?

Answer: Yes, of course!

NewsELA Groundhog Answers

Question: Can groundhogs predict the weather?

Answer: No, it’s not scientifically proven

Question: Punxsutawney Phil is NOT the most famous groundhog in the United States.

Answer: False

Question: What do groundhogs do to survive the harsh winters?

Answer: Hibernate

Question: What animal is used in Germany to predict the weather?

Answer: Badger

Question: This tradition came from Germany.

Answer: True

Question: Punxsutawney Phil has only been right less than half the time.

Answer: True

Question: In the winter how many breaths do groundhogs take per minute

Answer: 2 breaths

Question: What was the author’s purpose for writing this article?

Answer: To provide information about Groundhogs

Question: Why do the groundhogs stop hibernating?

Answer: They look for a mate

Question: What is not the name that groundhogs are referred to as?

Answer: Badger

Question: Who created the name for the woodchuck?

Answer: The Cree people

NewsELA St. Patrick Quiz Answers

Question: Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s day on March 17th?

Answer: It is the day he died

Question: Where was Saint Patrick born?

Answer: England

Question: How did Saint Patrick end up in Ireland in the first place?

Answer: He was captured by Irish pirates and sold as a slave

Question: What object did Saint Patrick use to teach people about the Trinity? (God in three persons)

Answer: A shamrock

Question: What was Saint Patrick’s real name?

Answer: Maewyn Succat

Question: St. Patrick then sailed back to Ireland where he traveled and talked to people about ________________. It was very difficult, but eventually, people began to listen and Christian churches were formed.

Answer: Christianity

Question: Who is St. Patrick?

Answer: He is the Patron Saint of Ireland

Question: He was a slave in Ireland for…

Answer: 6 years

Question: He studied for 12 years in a monastery in…

Answer: Gaul

Question: What was Patrick’s job in Ireland?

Answer: Looking after pigs and sheep

Question: Why did St Patrick return to Ireland?

Answer: To tell the people of Ireland about God

Question: How old was St. Patrick when he was kidnapped?

Answer: 16

Question: When St. Patrick was lonely as a slave, he decided to…

Answer: Pray

Question: When was St. Patrick born?

Answer: 400 AD

Question: Which of these things is St Patrick NOT known for?

Answer: Corned beef and cabbage

Question: Patrick wrote a book called

Answer: Confession

Question: When Patrick returned to Britain, he encouraged the sailors to pray to avoid starvation and…

Answer: A herd of pigs appeared

Question: Which of the following ideas about Patrick’s return to Ireland is FALSE?

Answer: The Irish people welcomed Patrick and his ideas

Question: At the time of Patrick’s return, many Irish followed paganism, a religion that centers on

Answer: Nature

Question: How did Patrick and his followers escape the soldiers sent by the king to put out the bonfire and arrest the people involved?

Answer: They recited a poem

NewsELA Arab Spring Quiz Answers

Question: The Arab Spring took place in:

Answer: The Middle East & North Africa

Question: The Arab Spring protests first started in:

Answer: Tunisia

Question: After protests began in Tunisia, the leader responded by:

Answer: Giving the protesters some of the things they wanted & using violence to stop the protests

Question: Which statement does B£ST describe the result of protests in Egypt?

Answer: Protests caused changes to the government at first, but then disagreement and more protests have come in recent years

Question: Which of the quotes below would support that protests were NOT successful in Yemen?

Answer: “Fighting soon broke out between a number of factions, including Houthi rebels and fighters linked to the terrorist group Al Qaeda.”

Question: Protests in Bahrain were successful.

Answer: No

Question: In Libya, what had a huge impact on the success of protests in changing leadership?

Answer: There was an international coalition that helped the protesters overthrow the leader

Question: ln Syria, the protests eventually led to a

Answer: Civil war

NewsELA Declaration Of Independence Quiz Answers

Question: Based on information in the article, which of these statements is TRUE?

Answer: The Declaration of Independence was written to convince people that it was right to break Independence from England

Question: Which paragraph in the section “The principle of equality shows that the signers of the declaration disagreed about slavery?

Answer: Paragraph 4

Question: Why does the author end with the section ’The power of the people”?

Answer: To emphasize the important ideas in the declaration

Question: Overall, the article is organized around

Answer: An event and its ideas

NewsELA Young Scientists Quiz Answers

Question: Students came up with________ to their own________

Answer: Solutions, problems

Question: Student scientists follow the________.

Answer: Scientific method

Question: There is the first step, before the Scientific Method, is?

Answer: Observation

Question: To come up with what you think is the right solution to the problem.

Answer: Hypothesize

Question: Scientists work together to solve problems

Answer: True

Question: Two things the student scientists found hard to do:

Answer: Focus & manage their time

Question: Why might the student scientists have thought they did not win the contest?

Answer: Other projects are more complicated & so good

Question: It takes a lot of______ work to invent something!

Answer: Work

NewsELA Easter Questions & Answers

Question: Is Easter on the same day every year?

Answer: No, Easter is not on the same day every year & moves between March 22 & April 25

Question: What do children do for Easter?

Answer: Children decorate eggs & they also eat candy and chocolate Easter bunnies

Question: When did the idea of the Easter bunny come to America?

Answer: The idea of the Easter bunny came to America from Europe 200 years ago

Question: What is an egg a symbol of? What idea do many people think of when they see eggs?

Answer: The egg means new life to many people & they have been used for a long time to welcome spring

Question: How long have people been coloring eggs?

Answer: People have been coloring eggs for hundreds of years possibly because there is a time they were not allowed to eat them

Question: What are some popular Easter sweets?

Answer: Chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and marshmallow peeps (chickens) are popular sweets

Question: Does the Easter parade in New York still happen today?

Answer: Yes, the New York Easter parade still happens today

Question: What do people wear when they watch the Easter parade?

Answer: People wear colorful and crazy hats to watch the Easter parade

Question: New York has a big parade. Do other cities have parades too?

Answer: Yes, other cities also have parades.

Question: What is Lent?

Answer: Lent is a time for thinking about how to be a better person and to be sorry for any bad things you may have done & sometimes people stop eating their favorite food for 40 days

Question: Where do people put Easter gifts?

Answer: People often put Easter gifts in baskets

Question: What does the Easter bunny do?

Answer: The Easter bunny hides eggs & gifts for children to find

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