If You Think Paulo Freire Is Interesting

By Dylan Riley
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Do you remember Brazil’s largest social movement, the Landless Worker’s Movement (the MST)? One school of pedagogy left the most significant imprint on it that is remembered till date. If you thought it was Paulo Freire then you owe yourself an apology. Although he was an influencing factor for most MST community schools, you should have a look at the pedagogy structure created in Soviet Russia from 1918-1931.

Those were crucial years for the most successful egalitarian and education improvements to take place, as observed by the MST. In addition to this, you should also search for an engaging recording of an Against the Grain interview starring the UC Berkeley School of Education doctoral student, Rebecca Tarlau.

mst rally

Check below to access KPFA’s recording against the Grain: https://kpfa.org/program/against-the-grain/