OUSD Student Portal & Parent Portal [2020] : Where To Find?

We will be discussing on how to access OUSD Student portal as well as parent portal in the easiest way.

All the portal accesses are mentioned below so don’t forget to miss it anyway. Keep reading….


OUSD ( Oakland Unified School District ) Intro

Situated in the Oakland city of the California State of the United States, Oakland Unified School District is a public education school district that runs a group of more than 100 schools.

These schools include elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and district authorized charter schools.

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OUSD is currently serving about 49,000 students by building a strong academic foundation for them.

With a mission of building a Full Service Community District that focuses on developing high academic development of children, the first priority of OUSD is to provide Quality Community Schools for every child by eliminating any kind of injustice.

Providing each of these students with an enthusiastic environment round the year that can help them stay positive is the next important thing for them. The overall organizational wellness is the third priority for everyone at OUSD.

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Why To Choose OUSD ?

Some of the facts about why they are best:

  • OUSD aims to eradicate injustice and provide every child with exceptional teachers who can help them in the overall development.
  • They believe to function in a way so that the students not only excel in their academics but also enjoy the journey of learning.
  • They help students grow up into responsible citizens who are compassionate, competent, confident, and well-informed.
  • At OUSD, students are raised into graduates who are excellent analysts. They have the vision and power to differentiate between right and wrong. Students graduating from OUSD are ready in every way possible for future challenges, whether it be in the form of college or career.
  • They are highly committed towards providing the best possible educational facilities to each of its students irrespective of their economic and intellectual background.
  • They create an environment where every stakeholder is accountable for better results.
  • Their staff works persistently and whole-heartedly towards improving the educational facilities and also works rigorously for the service of children.


OUSD Student Portal & Parent Portal – How To Access ?

Parents & students can access OUSD portal with the help of Aeries and Clever.com. Clever is completely for students whereas Aeries is for both students & parents.

Portal Access Via Aeries 

To access your child’s or even your records, feel free login to the OUSD student/parent portal here:


ousdparent portal and student portal with aeries

Through this portal, you get access to –

  1. Attendance records
  2. Assignment information (if the teacher uses the portal)
  3. Teacher’s email ID
  4. Medical and immunization information
  5. Grades (9-12)
  6. Unofficial transcripts (9-12)
  7. Graduation status (9-12)


Portal Access Via Clever.com

Access limited for students, just follow below link:


ousd student portal with clever

Note: If you still do not have a  student/parent portal account, you can make a request now. For this, all you need is a valid email ID, relevant details of the student in the OUSD School and a registered home telephone number. Once done with form filling, you will have to submit it in person to the school that your child attends.

In case you already have a portal account but are facing problems in accessing the same, fill in the Portal Support Request section on their site and submit it. They will rectify it very soon.

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