What Is Florida Man Challenge?

By Dylan Riley
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If you haven’t heard of “Florida Man,” that means either you don’t have a proper Internet connection or you’re from a country far away that you don’t see American news.

The ridiculous headlines and stories involving a “Florida Man” have spread across the world.

Americans are great at turning almost anything into a challenge! But the results are not always short of hilarious. At times Florida Man does include stupid/ crazy/ridiculous crime as well. While scrolling Florida Man challenge you may encounter some jaw-dropping posts and headlines too.


So what exactly is the Florida Man challenge?

Or What’s your bizarre Florida Man story?

The #FloridaManChallenge is breaking the Internet and social media.

what is florida man birthday challenge

Some crazy people are making headlines every day of the year including your birthday. Try this fun exercise. Pick your search engine and type in “Florida man – Your Birthday” and see what kind of wild news headline you will get. Find the craziest Florida Man story that happened on your birthday and post it on social media.

Even if you don’t post the crazy story, you’re bound to get a few laughs out of it for yourself, so check it out! This craziness began in 2013 from its first post on Twitter. Although the challenge was first popularized on Twitter, many fans have taken to Instagram, Facebook, and even Tik Tok to share their stories!

Apparently, the “Florida Man” headline has turned into a joke in recent years, but many crazy headlines are real events that were posted in local newspapers and city publications.

Regardless of how and where the trend started, it has become a staple of American comedy undoubtedly in recent years. Some of the craziest headlines I’ve seen so far include:

“Man faking a bomb threat to get-out-of-work-card.” – Reported By ABCactionnews.com

“36-year-old Richard Hamilton has arrested for whistleblowing a bomb threat to the water treatment plant he worked with. His motive was early departure from his work. And lastly, he was penalized on a $10,000 bond.”

“Florida man feeds alligator Hot Dog straight from his mouth.”- Reported by NYtimes.com

“Florida man accused of kicking chicken like a football player.” – MiamiHerald.com

“Florida man arrested for asking second in command for booze and ice cream. “Can you ever dream of asking law enforcement body to do something so? – Reported by Clickorlando.com

“Florida man and woman arrested for shooting flare gun on two people serving legal papers.” This Floridan couple very badly wanted not to be served papers and they went to extreme lengths to try to prevent it. – Reported by ABCNews.com

“Florida man attacks victims for not thanking him for holding the open door of a liquor shop.” – Reported by Bestfloridamanheadlines.com


Birthday Challenge

To simplify, if your birthday is September 13, you’d search for Florida Man September 13 in Google search bar or Bing, and then you can see perfect sites like BestFloridaManHeadlines to check the latest Florida man birthday challenges.

The results would show what a “Florida man” did on that day;
“Naked Florida man starts house fire while baking a cookie in George Foreman Grill.”
“Florida Man has become a myth, but a myth ‘based in reality, as most myths are”, said Barbara Peterson as she believes the attention on the Florida man makes such stories more interesting, especially to be reported and it becomes a cycle.