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Want to find the easiest way to get login access for the student portals for different schools with help of Aeries ?

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What is Aeries Student Information System?

Aeries provide a comprehensive solution for the dynamic environment and needs of schools and other educational agencies.

The amalgamation of multiple technologies is based on over 40 years of experience in the educational setting and understanding of the technology of this vibrant world.

It is a robust online student information system that is accessible for teachers, administrators, students, and their parents.

This user-friendly information system allows its users to track student information such as grades, attendance, assignments, and other necessary data.

Aeries SIS is quite flexible and, therefore, can meet the demands of a small school as well as a large school district.


List Of Schools Using Aeries Portal 

Following Are the many of famous schools that use Aeries portal in order to login for students as well as for parents:

# OUSD ( Oakland Unified School District )

# IUSD ( Irvine Unified School District )

# DJUHSD ( Delano Joint Union High School District )

# GGUSD ( Garden Grove Unified School District )

# AUHSD ( Anaheim Union High School District )

# AUSD ( Azusa Unified School District )

# HLPUSD ( Hacienda La Puente Unified School District )

# HBUHSD ( Huntington Beach Union High School District )

# SGUSD ( San Gabriel Unified School District )

# SAUSD ( Santa Ana Unified School District )

# SBCUSD ( San Bernardino City Unified School District )

# SDUHSD ( San Dieguito Union High School District )

# SLUSD ( San Leandro Unified School District )

# TUSD ( Tracy Unified Unified School District )

# PVPUSD ( Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District )

# PYLUSD ( Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District )

# PUSD ( Porterville Unified School District )

# MUHSD ( Merced Union High School District )

# MDUSD ( Mt Diablo Unified School District )

# VUSD ( Vacaville Unified School District )

# RUSD ( Riverside Unified School District )

# WUHSD ( Whittier Union High School District )

# WVUSD ( Walnut Valley Unified School District )

NOTE: You can click each school above to find login portal for students & parents too with the help of Aeries.


How Does Each Login Portals Work For Aeries ?

This system works for students and their parents as well as administrators and teachers. The view of the data and the access controls for all of them differ.

aeries portal for students login

  1. However, the initial phase of logging into the system remains the same.
  2.  All Aeries users need to login to their portal with the help of a school generated username and password (CHECK IMAGE ABOVE).
  3. If the students or their parents wish to see the student’s grades or attendance record, they can easily view the information through their homepage.
  4. The details that can be seen are – grades, assignment details, attendance records, etc.
  5. For the teachers and the administrators – searching the records of the whole class or categorizing the data through careful selection – everything can be done from their portal homepage.
  6. Teachers and administrators can access individual student’s records as well as view collective data of the whole class.


Aeries Features 

Aeries Information System is an excellent tool that offers a wide range of flexibility. It can operate in a number of other applications, apart from schools and school districts.

The user-friendly customization feature of the system makes it usable in various other applications, apart from the educational agency.

  • Reporting Analytics
  • Financial Management
  • Library Management
  • Cafeteria Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Client Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Housing Management
  • Book store Management


Pros & Cons of Using Aeries

Its time to discuss few advantages & disadvantages of using this software:


  • The portal is user-friendly, easy to use and understand.
  • It makes it possible for its users to continually monitor attendance, grades, assignment deadlines, etc. of individual students as well as classes.
  • For the teachers and administrators, it is very easy to switch between records of different students or switch from collective data retrieval mode to individual student’s data retrieval page.
  • The incorporation of multiple technologies makes the integration of the software simply great. The flow between different sections of the tool is quite smooth.
  • With new updates coming up quite often, the intra-district database switching and switching between different school years is becoming easier by the day.
  • Mobile portal is also available for faster access.

aeries portal app for mobile users



  • Sometimes, the whole system works very slowly. It might even take up to 5 to 10 minutes to load a page.
  • This student information system is quite costly and might be unaffordable for many small schools.
  • The grades of the students do not appear in a year-long book. These grades appear semester/quarter wise, which makes it difficult for the teachers or parents to gauge the child’s performance over the year at a glance.
  • The tool requires manual entry of information, like that of the attendance. It doesn’t allow importing data from other sources like MS Excel.


Final Words

Hope you find solutions for Aeries portal access information which helps students of different schools

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