Intentionally Keeping Your Partner From Forming or Maintaining Connections With Others Is:

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Q. Intentionally keeping your partner from forming or maintaining connections with others is:

  1. Anti-social maintenance
  2. Social distancing
  3. Self quarantined
  4. None of the above

ANSWER: 1. Anti-social maintenance


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When one is intentionally keeping their partners from maintaining or forming new connections, this is a kind of anti-social maintenance behavior and can be a serious problem.

The main objective of such anti-social maintenance behavior is making sure that there is a way found that effectively manipulates controls or changes the partner in some manner that keeps them away from the relationships.

This is also a kind of over possessiveness and is broadly categorized under physiological and emotional abuse. This kind of behavior might not necessarily involve physical violence. But one needs to remember that ay relationship that includes emotional abuse of any kind is abusive and unhealthy.

This type of relationship can cause emotional scarring and pain and in case this continues, the emotional abuse might also lead to physical violence. Some of the acts that are examples of emotional abuse include:

Constantly criticizing or making attempts for controlling, manipulating, and isolating somebody from the friends that support and family members.

  • Any kind of verbal abuse.
  • Intentionally making someone get frightened, intimidated, or threatened.
  • Keeping some important information hidden.

This is a kind of behavior where the partner will always discourage the lover from interacting with and of the other individuals and try to change the partner in their way.

This controlling process often includes jealous behavior and a spying nature.

Some of the times it is seen that there is the development of destructive conflicts as a reaction to behavioral maintenance.

One needs to remember that connection with the partner can be negative or positive. This depends on the other individual.

In such cases, it is often seen that most of the time there is a disagreement on varied topics and the main objective is not to maintain a healthy bond.


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Intentionally Keeping Your Partner From Forming or Maintaining Connections With Others Is

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