Which of the Following Compete for Space on Intertidal Rocks?

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Q. Which of the Following Compete for Space on Intertidal Rocks?

  1. Algae, mussels, and whelk
  2. Algae and mussels
  3. Whelk and chiton
  4. Starfish only

ANSWER: 2. Algae and mussels


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The intertidal community is the one that comprises of organisms that live in the area that’s covered with water at high tides. This means that there are also spaces that are exposed to air at the time of low tides.

The intertidal rocks have also been known as seashore or foreshore. Algae and mussels do compete for the space while on intertidal. So the answer here will be Algae and mussels.

The intertidal zone can be explained as the area that is over the water level in the times of low tide and at underwater levels during high tide. This means the area that comes in the tidal range.

There are several kinds of habitats that can be observed in the area and varied life species can be seen as well. Also, there are sea urchins, starfish, and varied coral species. This is also called a littoral zone sometimes.

This area also has sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and wetlands. This area can be arrow strip, just like the Pacific island that just has the tidal range that’s very narrow. Or this can also be the area of shoreline passing many meters where the beach slope is interacting with the high tide excursion.

Then there is the peritidal zone as well. This is also a bit similar but wider and extends to the highest tide levels and below the lowest.

The organisms that live on the intertidal zone is the one that is home to many phyla species. This includes Arthropoda, Porifera, Coelenterate, and Mollusca.


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Which of the Following Compete for Space on Intertidal Rocks?

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