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Planet Fitness Student Discounts

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[ All Student Discounts For PLANET FITNESS Will Be Valid Till End Of APRIL 2020 ]


How to Redeem Student Discounts at Planet Fitness

We will tell you the procedure of redeeming discounts at Planet Fitness step by step [Only if you find any]->

Step 1: Go to their official discount site page,

Step 2: Enter your zip code and click on ”Join Now”

Step 3: You will be suggested a number of locations based on your Zip code. Choose the gym that is nearest to you.

Step 4: You will get a bar for Coupons saying ”Enter your coupon code here”.

Step 5: Paste the coupon code and click on “Apply.”

Step 6: Choose the membership you want and pay the discounted price.

Step 7: Enjoy being a member of Planet Fitness.

Note: May or may not work. It all depends upon ID verification and location based!


Ways to Get Coupons, Offers, Discounts and Save at Planet Fitness

planet fitness discount codes for student

Following are our findings:

Special Offers on Sign-Up Fees

Most of the Planet Fitness clubs are franchised. Hence, sometimes to get more people to join, they slash the joining fees. The prices may vary from one club to another. But if you are looking to join the PF club, wait for offers. Sometimes it goes as low as $1!

Join the No-Commitment Plan and Save on Membership Cancellation

Getting yourself off a gym subscription can be tough. Shedding money for something you do not want is nobody’s dream. So, sign yourself up for their no-commitment plan, i.e., the Classic plan.

This type of subscription might not have as many perks as the black card type, but it can surely save a lot of money, in case you change your mind later. We would especially suggest it to the first-time gym-goers.

Avail Seniority Discount Once a Year

Planet Fitness offers 50% off on membership for all persons who are above 60 ONCE A YEAR. So, all you lovely people who are above 60, keep your eyes open and call up your nearest center to know the exact date.

Get Free Pizza on Mondays

Everybody is allowed one cheat day a week. Right? If you believe the same, do not miss the gym on Mondays. Because on this day Planet Fitness gives away unlimited slices of free pizza to all of its members! Pizza slices might not build great bodies, but it’s still free and tastes lip-smacking good.

Upgrade to Black Card Membership to Get Various Offers

If you love massages and spend on them separately, then upgrading to the Black Card Membership is the thing to do. This membership allows you to have unlimited access to massage chairs and hydro massages. It is not a discount per se, but you will not have to spend on massages separately.

Get 20% Discount on Reebok.

If Reebok is your favorite sports brand, then getting a black card is well worth it. With this card, you can get a 20% discount on Reebok’s goodies.

Get 50% off on Coolers and Protein Shakes.

It is yet another discount that only Black cardholders get. Staying hydrated and keeping the body fueled for a workout is essential. And all black-card holders get all drinks at 50% off while at the gym. Great right?

Use Coupons to Get Discount

Coupons are the best friends of all who want to save. If you want to get more deals and discounts on Planet Fitness gym memberships, then all you need to do is keep an eye on the latest coupons that we keep updating on this site from time to time. Note down the code well and make sure that you use the Planet Fitness coupon codes before they expire.


About Planet Fitness

planet fitness student discounts

Everyone wants to look smoking hot, but do we do enough to get there? You can follow two mantras to get a superb physique.

Eat healthily– say goodbye to all the unhealthy fats, carbs, and food-indulgence
Exercise– Shun your laziness and get your body to shed sweat, even if you do not want to!

However, when we think about getting a gym membership, the first thing that the thought hurts is our pockets. Most gyms in America charge between $50 to $80 a month! But if you do not want to shell out that kind of money, you can sign up for being a member of the Planet Fitness club.

Planet Fitness started in 1992 and brands itself as the ‘’Judgement Free Zone’’. Currently, it is spread across 1859 locations, making it one of the largest fitness club franchise. It has a ‘’no lunks’’ policy and is known for its incredibly affordable gym membership rates.

In this article, we shall talk about ‘Planet Fitness,’ and its extremely affordable membership rates. Not only that, but we will also tell you how to save on Planet Fitness gym memberships.


Membership Plans of Planet Fitness

First thing first, let us give you a general idea about the membership cost before jumping on to how to slash back on the price.

Planet Fitness has two types of monthly plans. The first one is their ‘Classic Membership’ which comes at $10 a month (yes, it is that affordable!)

Classic Membership (costs $ 10 per month)

  • Unlimited access to the home club
  • Free fitness training
  • Free WIFI

This is their basic package that comes with a ‘no commitment’ factor. Which means that you can cancel anytime you want.

With the classic membership, you can access Planet Fitness at a single location only. This type of membership does not entitle you to access all sites.

Black Planet Fitness Card 

The black card of planet fitness costs a tad bit higher, but you will get a lot of facilities with this type of membership. This card allows you:

  • Unlimited access to the home club
  • Free WIFI
  • Free fitness training
  • Reciprocal use of all planet fitness locations
  • Unrestricted use of hydromassage
  • Unlimited total body enhancement

There are many other benefits of this type of membership, but we are assuming that you have got the crux of it.


PF is a fitness center that’s great for everyone. But this gym certainly does not give very many offers and discounts.

You might get a few at an interval of months. So, if you want to save on memberships/ subscriptions/ deals, do not miss out on our coupon codes. These are genuine codes that you can save quite a few bucks.

After all, its free money, why not take it?

Disclaimer: We are collecting students discounts for Planet Fitness from various sources which not only include coupons but also we will be sharing the info of other places to find the same. Therefore, we can’t guarantee how accurate the data are!

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